Storm Damage

Natural disasters like storms can wreak havoc on your homes or properties that may seem irreversible on first impression. Destruction to property such as broken windows and roofs, uprooted or fallen trees, flooding and other damages that may expose your home and family to further harm and disease. It is therefore necessary that immediate intervention is performed so that the damage is contained to a manageable level. Even short delays can result to devastating destruction, such as fire breaking out from short circuits and exposed wires, outbreak of disease, etc.

In the event of a storm or any weather induced damage, CD Restorations’ professional team will rush to your site to assess the damage done and help you get through this difficult time, while preparing to restore your home/property to pre-damage state. Our specialists will assist you by performing the following procedures:

1. Providing emergency personnel to assist you.
2. Board up services or clearing procedure, apply temporary solutions to superficial damages to prevent them from posing greater risks.
3. Evacuation assistance, if necessary.
4. Damage control procedure while assessing the full extent of the problem.
5. Home/property restoration.

Our storm damage professional services are available in the following areas of Florida: Boca Raton FL, Palm Beach Gardens FL, Boynton Beach FL, Delray Beach FL, Wellington FL, Palm Beach FL, Jupiter FL, and West Palm Beach FL.